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Loop Martial Arts

Loop Martial Arts is a martial arts gym in Pitäjänmäki where you can practice Brazilian jiujitsu, submission wrestling, MMA or Muya thai. There are also great facilities for training independently or with a friend, and a shop where you can buy refreshments and all the equipment and equipment you need for your training.

There are a number of different levels of groups available according to age and progress, so everyone can find a suitable way to practice. The teachers in the hall are the absolute top in our country. Finnish, European and world champions are included. We provide professional training for every enthusiast, whether you train for competitions or just for keeping yourself fit.

Loop Martial Arts has a room for functional training, including: girya balls, disc bars and fitness balls. Each enthusiast will have access to a nfc key card, that can also be used to practice outside the controlled training sessions. The hall has over 300 square meters of tatami, a freestyle scoop and several punching bags of different sizes.


The gym has been operating since March 2014 in completely new premises in the immediate vicinity of the Pitäjänmäki train station at Takkatie 7. From Leppävaara in Espoo and from the center of Helsinki, you can reach Pitäjänmäki station directly by train A. Also Buses 231, 270, 360K and the bus from Kamppi departing from Elielinaukio 39. The bus stops 59 of the bus arriving from Herttoniemi and 14 from Eira are in Pajamäki, which is a 5-minute walk to the gym through the outdoor route.