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Training time

a month 69*/80
a year (single payment) 699
Kids BJJ / month 35*/39


NFC keycard 10
Basics course (incl. key) 135
Private classes *


One time fee 10
a week 40

Prices are in euros (€), inc. VAT. Payments can be made by cash, debit- or credit cards and sports benefit coupons.

Shop is open from monday to thursday 16.30-20.30.

* For private classes, contact Head Coach Antti Mannila: anttijmkamppailupalvelufi or ‭044 987 5885 (mo-thu 11.30-17.00).

  • You can attend any basics course or all of them at once with the basics course fee, this price includes keycard.
  • With the same fee, you can attend any of the classes you know the basics for.
  • Monthly fee can be paid with contract (69/month),which is minimum 3 months, after which it will continue to be valid for an indefinite period, with a dimmissal notice of 1 month. This includes optional holiday pause of 1 month once every calender year, during which the billing and exercise rights are on a pause.
  • Kids BJJ is only 35/month for members kids.
  • Visitor prices are only for visitors (proof of valid membership for another gym, if requested.
  • The current terms of sale apply to all products.
  • More information from infoloopmartialartsfi